March 8, 2024



On a night that felt enchanted, February 18, 2023, I found myself wrapped in the spiritual embrace of the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was Maha Shivaratri – “The Great Night of Shiva” – a time when the veil between the divine and the mortal seems thinnest. On this night, a profound stirring within me began amidst the fervent chaos of devotees. The experience was about to sow the seeds for what would become a-OK, though I did not know it yet.

Amid the swirling incense and the rhythmic chants, a remarkable scene unfolded. Food was not sold but given freely, a gesture of pure generosity that transcended social boundaries. From tea and cookies to full meals, the variety catered to every palate, served with a joy that was contagious. Reluctant at first, I soon found myself part of this extraordinary celebration, experiencing first-hand the sheer bliss of shared abundance.

This moment of communal joy sparked a thought: what if we could extend this spirit of giving and sharing beyond a single night, weaving it into the fabric of our daily lives? The realization that such a spirit could potentially address the scourge of hunger worldwide washed over me with a clarity that was almost divine. Hunger, I understood, wasn’t just because of scarcity but rather of accessibility, often hindered by our collective reluctance to share and inconvenience to share.

In the hours that followed, driven by the urgency of my epiphany, I delved into the harrowing statistics of global hunger. The numbers were staggering: one in three children in Africa going hungry, one in five in the USA facing the same plight, and over 783 million people unsure of their next meal. These weren’t just numbers; they were a clarion call to action. The solution, I realized, lay in leveraging the digital connectivity that defines our era to foster a culture of kindness and sharing.

Thus, the concept of a-OK was born – a digital platform designed to transcend mere social networking by facilitating acts of kindness. Starting with something as simple as offering a cup of coffee, a-OK aims to cultivate a culture of generosity and gratitude. It’s an invitation to create ripples of kindness in a world that often feels overwhelmingly negative.

Reflecting on my journey from the spiritual awakening at Pashupatinath to the creation of a-OK, I’m reminded of the power of individual transformation. This journey has reshaped my worldview, embedding a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of kindness.

Now, I extend this invitation to you. Join us in the a-OK movement; let’s be the harbingers of positivity, one small act of kindness at a time. Whether it’s offering a cup of coffee or sharing a meal, every act of kindness is a step towards a more compassionate world.

We are more than just an app; we are a Movement towards a kinder, more generous world. Let’s create as many a-OK moments as possible and watch as the waves of kindness reach farther than we could ever imagine. Together, we can make a difference, one cup of coffee, one meal, one kind act at a time.

The journey from witnessing unconditional generosity on a sacred night in Nepal to conceptualizing a-OK has been transformative. It’s a testament to the idea that kindness is not just an act but a lifestyle. As we embark on this journey together, let’s redefine what it means to connect, to care, and to share in this digital age. Join us, and let’s spread kindness like never before.


  • Marko Dahl


  • Rudraparayag (Rudy) Chawhan

    I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. This is nice initiative that came out of the lord’s blessings. Best of luck for this endeavor.

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